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May 6, 2005

Pixels and Protocol

“How can you review a Nikon camera without mentioning that the company is now encrypting its photo files? Nikon apparently thinks that my work belongs to THEM, not to me! If they someday decide to change the format, they can hold my photos hostage forever!”

OK, whoa. What?

Warning: Wiggling toward the truth of this tale involves very technical language, eye-glazing terminology and a whole lot of overheated emotion.

May 6, 2005

Lite news this weekend


Just a ping to let you know that I’ll be on the road speaking at the Exploring the Creative Edge Conference this weekend in Santa Fe. As a result, the news feed might be a bit lite until next Monday. In the meantime, take the opportunity to explore PhotoshopNews a bit more by checking out the news content categories and the large amount of content already on

If you are coming to the conference, be sure to introduce yourself as a PSN reader and let me know what you think!

May 6, 2005

Camera Raw Product Page Updated for 3.1

The Adobe Camera Raw Product page has been updated to show the current Camera Raw 3.1 update. The download for the 3.1 update also includes the new DNG Converter.

Cameras added in Camera Raw 3.1 — May 2005
Canon EOS Rebel XT (EOS 350D/EOS Kiss Digital N)
Nikon D2X
Olympus EVOLT E-300
Olympus C-7070 Wide Zoom

Windows Updates / Macintosh Updates

May 6, 2005

Friday Summary / 05-06-2005

In case you missed them earlier in the week, PSN has some must read stories. Really, you simply must read them! (for your own good)

May 6, 2005

Russell Brown Comes Clean, Reveals All

In a shocking revelation, Russell Preston Brown, Sr. Creative Director at Adobe Systems Incorporated and long time Photoshop Evangelist, has revealed that he is leaving the United States on Friday, May 6th, (today), 2005. He indicated that he would be going to Australia.

Before he leaves, Mr. Brown said in a phone call that he wanted to make a definitive statement regarding the “official story” behind Photoshop, its development by John and Thomas Knoll and exactly how it was acquired by Adobe Systems, Inc.