Apr 30, 2005

Digital camera market peaked too soon

The digital camera industry has reached maturity early, and the heady growth rates will slow, according to a report.

Source: CNET News
Written By Richard Shim

Shipments will be strong in the next couple years but will slow and then dip over the long term, research firm IDC forecast in a report Thursday. Indications are that the market will peak prematurely, missing the opportunity to replace film cameras as the predominant method of taking photos–instead the market will be made up of a more diverse range of devices with photo capturing abilities, such as cell phones and other combination devices.

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A related story posted April 18th by CNET News and written by David Becker says:

Canon took a slim lead last year in digital camera sales, according to research company IDC, thanks to booming demand for high-end models.

IDC tallied Canon with worldwide shipments of 12.63 million cameras, 17.1 percent of the market. Sony came in second with 12.32 million, or 16.7 percent, and Kodak was third, with 8.71 million, or 11.8 percent. Overall shipments were 74 million units.

Those figures include both point-and-shoot cameras and more complex single-lens reflex, or SLR, models, the first time IDC has included SLR cameras in its annual sales tally, IDC analyst Chris Chute said.

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