Apr 29, 2005

“Star” Fakes It for Brad, Angelina

Source: E online
Written By Charlie Amter

It was the perfect shot–a little too perfect.

Star magazine is finding itself the subject of sensational headlines Thursday after the glossy faked photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on a beach together.

With bitter rival Us Weekly reportedly paying upwards of $1 million to lockup exclusive U.S. rights for the actual paparazzi-taken photos of the are-they-or-aren’t-they couple of the moment, Star wasn’t to be outdone. The magazine ran its own photos of the tandem lovingly gazing at each other. But the images, which grace the cover and appear on page 46, are actually cut-and-paste jobs.

Nowhere is it mentioned on the cover that the image was cobbled together. Pitt’s pic came from a Caribbean beach, while Jolie’s was snapped over a year ago on a beach in Virginia. Photoshop them together and voil–African beach shot!

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2 Responses to ““Star” Fakes It for Brad, Angelina”

  1. JohnHHarrington Says:

    After seeing this and looking to obtain a copy of the magazine for a future project on ethics, I looked inside to the place where a photo credit would appear, and, without photo credits of the actual photographers, it states that the images is a composite of two photographs, fyi. I agree that it’s a total breach of ethics, and could/should get sued by Pitt/Jolie over this, but since almost no magazines run photo credits on covers, and almost all “photo illustrations” are not noted as such on the cover — whether obvious or not, what I think is quite interesting is the seeming graduation of Star/Enquirer/etc from the past expectation of altered photos (Clinton Meets With Aliens/Elvis Today/JFK Today/etc) to the expectation that they’re to be expected to run unaltered photos.


  2. asdf Says:

    yo yo yo mafizzle

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