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Apr 13, 2005

Mac Industry Hails Tiger’s Roar

Source: eWeek
Written by Ian Betteridge

Developers, dealers and analysts have given a strong welcome to Mac OS X 10.4, aka Tiger, announced by Apple Computer on Tuesday.

The update, which introduces a slew of new features including a new search engine called Spotlight and revamped versions of core applications including Safari and Mail, is set to be released at the end of the month.

Apr 13, 2005

Scenario 1: The Domino Effect

Source: Digital Media Designer
Written by Kevin Schmitt

Editor’s note: while the story is about Apple and the newly announced Motion the story has far reaching implications regarding Apple and Adobe relations. We’ve excerpted the salient bits for Photoshop users and Adobe watchers, but we recommend you read the entire article.

Scenario 1: The Domino Effect

“For the purposes of this scenario, let’s assume the worst about Adobe; namely, that they’re feeling spurned by Apple and that they’re looking for any excuse to standardize as much of their codebase as possible on Windows. There have been enough indications over the last year or so to at least lend some credence to that assumption, from the whole “PC Preferred” debacle to Premiere and FrameMaker being dropped to Encore DVD being written from the ground up a Windows XP -only product. If I’m Adobe, and I’m looking at Apple releasing a competing product that is at a price point way below my product and is quite likely to cannibalize future sales, then bam! There’s my excuse.

Apr 13, 2005

Introducing the new Adobe Bridge Slideshow

As many of you will be aware by now, the Photoshop File Browser has metamorphosed into a new standalone program called Bridge, which is supplied with all the programs in the Adobe CS2 Creative Suite. And in this new release, the Adobe engineers have been able to add a lot more new features, to make Bridge a powerful application with which to carry out all your picture selection editing. Bridge is primarily designed to enhance the workflow between all the programs in the Adobe CS2 Creative Suite. But one of the cool new features in Bridge is the Slideshow viewing mode.

Apr 13, 2005

PhotoshopNews – All Over the World

Just a quick ping to mention the countries that visitors to PhotoshopNews are from:

Apr 13, 2005

CONTAX-Branded Camera Business

Press Release: April 12, 2005

Kyocera Corporation (President: Yasuo Nishiguchi, hereafter called “Kyocera”) has decided to terminate CONTAX-branded camera business.

Although Carl Zeiss and Kyocera have entered into a long term co-operation regarding the development, production and sale of CONTAX-branded cameras, Kyocera has decided to terminate such business due to difficulties in catching up with the recent rapid market changes.

Consequently, Kyocera will terminate the shipment of CONTAX-branded cameras, and the exclusive lenses and accessories in September, 2005, except for the CONTAX 645 camera system, the shipment of which to some markets will come to an end in December, 2005.

Kyocera will continue to provide after-sales services to its customers for their CONTAX-branded cameras, and the exclusive lenses and accessories over the maximum period of ten years within the specified time of each model.

Press release link

Apr 13, 2005


Article written by Michael H. Reichmann

In every field there is a leader; a product that others seek to surpass, or at least catch up with. When it comes to raw file converters, Phase One’s Capture One fills that role. Though it wasn’t first to market, and still doesn’t support as wide a range of cameras as some competitors, like Adobe’s Camera Raw, for many photographers, especially pros, Capture One has become the program of choice for raw file conversion. But before being able to understand why this is the case, it’s necessary to have a look at what a raw file converter does. Indeed, what is a raw file?