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Apr 11, 2005

Welcome to Adobe Studio

If you’ve never visited Adobe Studio, you’re missing out on a useful free resource that Adobe provides for its customers. Recently redesigned and updated, Adobe Studio provides a diverse array of resources; Tips & Tutorials, Links to User Groups and Forums, Events that Adobe will be at, Print Resource Center, Small Business Resources and Tools & Software from Adobe Studio Exchange.

It costs nothing to visit but the bandwidth. . .

Apr 11, 2005

Adobe Activation – Opinion

Apr 11, 2005

Shooting in the RAW

On news stands this month: Bruce Fraser and Jeff Schewe team up to write an authoritative cover article for the April/May issue of Photoshop User magazine. The six page article, Shooting in the RAW–the naked truth about advanced Camera Raw talks about controlling all the editing power and flexibility of Camera Raw without over-cooking your brain.

“Many photographers have come to enjoy the enormous flexibility that RAW provides over JPEG. When shooting RAW, the image is wide open for interpretation–a simple yank of some controls makes a vast difference to the rendering of your image.

But what are you supposed to pull and how do you decide what your image is supposed to look like?” –Bruce Fraser and Jeff Schewe

Apr 11, 2005

Photoshop Creativity Tour – Bert Monroy

At long last, you can spend a day with the photo realist genius of our times – Bert Monroy. While you may not be able to draw like Bert does (no one can, he’s truly the master) you’ll be able to learn the techniques he’s developed over the years to create realistic images that boggle the imagination.

Bert Monroy is one of the pioneers of digital art and co-author of the first book written on Photoshop, The Official Adobe Photoshop Handbook. His work has been seen in every major trade publication of the computer industry. Additionally, his work has been featured in scores of books including Making Art on a Macintosh, The Photoshop WOW Book, The Illustrator WOW Book, The Art of Digital Painting, The Grey Book and The Photoshop A to Z in Japan.

Apr 11, 2005

Great Lakes Digital Conference does CS2!

Great Lakes Digital presents Photoshop Soup2Nuts 2.0
a professional, internationally known Photoshop Conference located in Ann Arbor, Michigan–right in the heartland of America, will be one of the first conferences to feature the all new:

Adobe Photoshop CS2 with sessions by Thomas Knoll, original author of Photoshop and Camera Raw 3.0.

UPDATE: Great Lakes Digital opens Online Registration.