Apr 8, 2005

Friday Summary / 04-08-2005

PhotoshopNews launched only one week ago. Since then a lot has happened. We thought it would be useful to post a weekly highlights summary to provide one stop shopping for some of the top stories.

If you missed it, on April 1st. 2005, PhotoshopNews was launched. Here’s the first editorial about Why PhotoshopNews?

In the first Letter to the Editor, Pedro Meyer pointed out what was happening in Calcutta, India with Kodak using the word PHOTOSHOP in Whose Trademark Is It?

If you haven’t read Ruth Knoll’s The Photoshop Widows Club article, you should. It has some wonderful Photoshop lore and some funny photos.

The Photoshop Contests – Fact article was an interesting look at a fringe contingent of Photoshop users.

Jeff Schewe’s article about Digital Ethics has already received a lot of hits and cross links all over the net. Check out Kate Doesn’t Like Photoshop – Digital Ethics

At 12:01 AM Eastern on April 4th, we posted one of the first comprehensive lists of new features in Photoshop CS2-What’s New?

Martin Evening also announced the completion of the new edition of his book Photoshop CS2 for Photographers and also made a special look at Chatper One: What’s New in Photoshop CS2 available for download as a PDF.

If you missed it live, you can still check out the coverage and pictures from the Adobe ideas conference keynote Live From New York–It’s Photoshop CS2.

In another article posted on the 4th, Jeff Schewe provides the answers to the much asked question; Photoshop CS2–How Much Ram? – Fact

Also on the 4th. we posted interviews with John Nack and Kevin Connor of Adobe.

On a down note, PSN reported that Deke McClelland, author of the long running Photoshop Bible was leaving his publisher and no longer authoring any new titles for Wiley.

On the 5th we posted an interview with Bryan Lamkin, Senior Vice President, Digital Imaging and Digital Video Business Unit. Bryan couldn’t make it to the conference so we did the interview via email while he watched PSN’s coverage.

On Wednesday, April 6th we launched the first of many articles about Photoshop CS2, Bridge and Camera Raw 3 with a great article by Bruce Fraser titled The Power of the Curve–Camera Raw 3.

Jeff Schewe wrote an editorial about the controversial new feature in Adobe Bridge, Adobe Stock Photos–Good or Bad for Photographers?

Not bad for the first week of publication–even if we do say so ourselves. . .stay tuned.

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