Mar 26, 2005

Photoshop Email Discussion Lists

Photoshop email discussion lists can be a useful tool for troubleshooting and getting the help and advice of other users. If you have a question or problem, the odds are somebody has already solved it or knows something about it.

One note of caution, each of the various lists has a certain personality and have their own community guidelines. While most of the lists welcome new members, it’s important to get an idea of a list’s nature and know the rules for posting. Some lists are directed at pro’s or advanced users and tend to ignore newbie questions while others have an open approach and welcome basic questions. In general, most lists prefer short and concise posts and may reject long rambling posts.

Note: not all questions have answers and when posting it’s a good idea to make sure you include enough basic information for others to be able to help you. . .things like Photoshop versions, OS & versions, exact steps to reproduce the problem, etc.

Here is a selected group of the better email lists:
(the links go to web pages with list info and subscription guidelines)

The Photoshop Discussion List
This is one of the longest running Photoshop email lists. Generally friendly and open to all users that share a passion for Photoshop.

The ProDig List
Originally started as a UK list, it has members from all over the world now. The ProDig list is intended for pro users and has a definite photographic slant. The list is generally friendly and civil (they’re British after all) but prefer upper level users. Useful to lurk if you want to learn. Several Photoshop engineers are subscribed.

The PhotoDigital List
Part of the PhotoNews Network, this list has a photo slant but good info and a wide base of users. Has a distinct personality and is heavily moderated by Jack Reznicki and Gary Gladstone, but the moderation helps foster a real sense of community. Welcomes new members and suffers newbies, but you need to make an effort to “fit in”.

The APAdigital YahooGroup
One of many YahooGroups email lists but with a good upper technical level. Tends to be professionally oriented and photographically slanted. Started by the Advertising Photographers of America (APA), you can join the list without being an APA member. It’s helpful if you have a Yahoo profile.

A useful list directed at beginners. Open and public. Another YahooGroup list.

You can search for more Photoshop based YahooGroups lists here.

You can also try your hand at the NewsGroups such as: comp.graphic.apps.photoshop
Just be warned–this is a wild and primitive place so bring your survival gear: a thick skin and an insensitivity to the vulgar and nasty. The faint-at-heart need not apply.

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