Mar 12, 2005

It’s Photoshop not PhotoShop – Fact

It’s Photoshop people, not PhotoShop!

It may seem like a small point but after 15 years, one would think spell check software would have learned that the correct spelling of Photoshop is not PhotoShop.

There’s a funny story from the insides of the Adobe 10th floor, the place where the Photoshop engineers hang out and work. It seems a certain engineer named Mark Hamburg has a particular pet peeve-he can’t stand it when people misspell the word Photoshop.

The way I heard it, another engineer on the Photoshop team decided to play a joke on Mark. Sean Parent, formerly of Apple where he worked on AppleScript and a primary engineer on Photoshop Actions, played a cruel joke on Mark.

Sean loaded an AppleScript on Hamburg’s computer that changed every instance of the word Photoshop to PhotoShop. Apparently, there was some rather loud and unseemly words wafting out of Mark’s office shortly after he booted his computer. To Mark’s credit, he almost immediately determined what was wrong and quickly guessed who had done it.

So, in deference to Mark and the rest of the Photoshop engineers, can you please exercise extreme caution when writing the word Photoshop?


2 Responses to “It’s Photoshop not PhotoShop – Fact”

  1. Amber G Says:

    Adobe make no commitments in their license agreements with regard to activation. You do not cover this. Nor do you point out that many other companies work just fine without complicated license schemes.

    Your perspective focuses purely on the fact that anybody that installs 5 copies of photoshop is a thief. You can not conceive of the reasons people would need to install 4 5 10 copies without paying 650 (old price, 599.00 new price) for each copy. And that is the problem with this type of scheme. Perspective is missing. Neither Adobe nor you can conceive of the ways this will trip people up, and when you find out it does, you will write it off as an aberration, as just one guy and continue on your way.

  2. Canon Vixia HFS100 Says:

    Canon Vixia HFS100

    Why am I reading a post called PhotoshopNews: Photoshop News and Information ” Archive … when I need to be getting work done…oh yea becuase I hate my job lol

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