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Mar 3, 2005

Hardware Review: ReadyNAS 600 Network Drive

Source: The Luminous Landscape
By Michael Reichmann

Some Background
Since the mid-1990′s photographers have relied on hard drives to store their scanned or digital original photographs, not to mention all of the other files that anyone who uses a computer relies on for their business as well as personal records. And, as Photoshop files get larger and larger, (my archived images with Adjustment Layers now typically run 100 to 400 Megabytes each), we all find ourselves buying ever-increasing numbers of hard drives in ever increasing sizes.

Mar 3, 2005

Photoshop CS doesn’t create thumbnail previews (Win)

Source: Adobe Photoshop Support Knowledgebase


Adobe Photoshop doesn’t create thumbnail previews for images on the desktop or in Windows Explorer.