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May 25, 2006

The Imaging Buffet interviews Ruth Knoll

The Imaging Buffet hosted by Andrew Darlow has posted their first podcast.

Andrew interviewed Harold Johnson, author of Mastering Digital Printing aboiut digital printing and also interviewed Ruth Knoll, The Original Photoshop Widow (and wife of Thomas Knoll), co-author of Photoshop and primary engineer on Camera Raw and DNG.


May 12, 2006

inside mac tv does Epson Print Academy

Scott Sheppard, host of inside mac tv was at the most recent Epson Print Academy in San Francisco and interviewed the speakers and various luminaries in attendance including Photoshop Product Manager, John Nack and Adobe Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty.


May 9, 2006

The Russell Brown Show-News Update

Check out the new updates to his ADOBE PHOTOSHOP TIPS & TECHNIQUES page.

b>What’s New?
Dr. Browns’ Services 1.4
This is a set of time saving, Macintosh and Windows, scripts for Adobe Photoshop CS2!

Apr 24, 2006

The Hand-made camera of Miroslav Tichy

Source: Michael Hoppen Gallery
Tichý is truly one of the great ‘finds’ of an unknown artists who worked on the outside edges of the art world. Following the communist takeover Tichý spent some eight years in prison camps and jails for no particular reason other than he was ‘different’ and was considered subversive. Upon his release in the early 70’s, Tichý wandered his small town in rags, pursuing his obsession as an artist with the female form by photographing in the streets, shops and parks with cameras he made from tin cans, childrens spectacle lenses and other junk he found on the street. He would return home each day to make prints on equally primitive equipment, making only one print from the negatives he selected.

Apr 20, 2006

Rob Galbraith Forums reopen under new management

From the Rob Galbraith Professional Digital Photography Forums web site:

April 20: The RG DPI forums are reopen to new posts and operating under new management!

Apr 18, 2006

Nash Editions: Music for the Eye

Graham Nash and R. Mac Holbert are profiled on the Apple Pro Photo web site.
Written by Barbara Gibson.

Most people know Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Graham Nash for the high harmonies and inspired songwriting that helped make Crosby, Stills, Nash (and sometimes Young) a rock legend.

Others know Nash as a gifted photographer with a keen eye for the surreal. His photographs have appeared in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world, and in books such as “Eye to Eye: Photographs by Graham Nash.”

One thing not many people know: Nash and friend R. Mac Holbert, who was also CSN’s tour manager, pioneered fine art digital printmaking.

Apr 17, 2006

Photoshop Crosswords

For Photoshop users with some extra time on thier hands (and who like crossword puzzles) there’s a web site just for you.

Apr 17, 2006

Rob forums are closed to new posts

From the Rob Forums page:

The RG DPI forums are closed to new posts while we negotiate the sale of the forums to a suitable new owner. Please read the Forums Closure FAQ for more information about why we’re doing this and what it’s likely to mean going forward. – Rob Galbraith

Mar 27, 2006

Photo Talk Radio-in case you missed it

In case you missed the live Photo Talk Radio broadcast with Jeff Schewe and Gil Smith, the show is now available for listening (Windows Media Player required) on the March 25th episode web site.

Mar 27, 2006

Photoshop TV Tops One-Million For Month of March

From Scott Kelby comes this bit of news…

We had just arrived down in Miami for Photoshop World when we got the news: Photoshop TV had already topped one million downloads for the month of March (our first time hitting over one million in just one month).

Mar 8, 2006

More than just a photo portfolio

Source: The Christian Science Monitor
Written by Jim Regan

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – After having reviewed a few hundred websites over the years, it’s not often that I can say, “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” but Ashes and Snow genuinely presented me with an original experience – both in terms of its subject matter and its presentation. The latter is only available to those with high-speed connections and computers, but the former can be seen by anyone with a reasonably up-to-date browser.

Feb 21, 2006

Photoshop TV Episode 18

Crops, glints, thresholds and unleashing weather on an unsuspecting sign and the latest on Adobe Lightroom Beta-2

Feb 14, 2006

The Russell Brown Show-News Update

Check out the new updates to his ADOBE PHOTOSHOP TIPS & TECHNIQUES page.

What’s New?

Jan 19, 2006

Pixar, ILM animators go to school together… as teachers

Source: ars technica
Written by Peter Pollack

What do The Incredibles, My Favorite Martian, and The Hulk have in common?

Dec 27, 2005

Into scripting?

PS-Scripts is a community resource site for Photoshop scripting and Photoshop automation.

Dec 21, 2005

The Russell Brown Show-News Update

The Russell Brown Show is now a Podcast!
Here is the iTunes Music Store URL for THE RUSSELL BROWN SHOW

Check out the new updates to his ADOBE PHOTOSHOP TIPS & TECHNIQUES page.

What’s New?

Oct 24, 2005

Mathematical Photography by Justin Mullins

For Simon, my piano teacher, 4 October 2002

Do math equations like being photographed? We don’t know, but Justin Mullins might…

Aug 24, 2005

The Ultimate Portfolio

You’ve done all the hard work and got plenty to show for it, but what’s the best way to show off your talents? Mark Ramshaw talks to the masters of folio presentation about building an online gallery.

Source: computer arts
Written By Mark Ramshaw

Aug 23, 2005

Photoshop Pioneer David Biedny Launches “Attention Photoshoppers!” Podcast

Photoshop author, educator and leading expert David Biedny has launched a new podcast show dedicated to covering the vast realm of Adobe’s popular Photoshop image editing software.

Attention Photoshoppers! includes segments on Photoshop related news, step by step techniques to using Photoshop for production and artistic creativity, Photoshop book and companion product reviews, technical analysis, historical anecdotes and interviews with Photoshop luminaries, authors, artists and developers.

Aug 21, 2005

Dr. Brown’s Services Updated to 1.2

Russell Preston Brown updates Dr. Brown’s Services.

- Caption Maker now supports easy PDF export.
- Place-A-Matic now supports 8 and 16 Bits/Channel documents.

Aug 16, 2005

Adobe Blogs Launched

Well, it was bound to happen-even Adobe now is hosting blogs…but in this case, they are public corporate blogs by Adobe personal. They have just recently been launched so they are rather sparse at the moment–but that will change if enough people find out about them.

Aug 12, 2005

The Russell Brown Show-Updates

Russell Preston Brown announces new tips and updates to the Dr. Brown’s Services.

Aug 12, 2005

Put Your Pictures On The Big Screen With Shutterfly’s Photoshow DVD

Press release: REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. – (August 10, 2005) — Responding to customers’ requests for more options to preserve and share memories, Shutterfly®, Inc., the leading independent e-commerce company specializing in digital photo products and services, today introduced PhotoShow DVD, a product that enables customers to transform their favorite photos into an entertainment experience.

Aug 11, 2005

U.S. Copyright Office poll: IE-only OK?

Source: CNET
Written By Paul Festa

Signaling a new addition to the list of browser-specific Web sites, the U.S. Copyright Office solicited opinions on a planned Internet Explorer-only zone.

Aug 4, 2005

Get it from the horse’s mouth-Adobe Press

If you are in the market for Photoshop books, you should check out AdobePress.