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Is now…

The forums formerly known as the Rob Galbraith Professional Digital Photography Forums have been taken over by the owners of the Digital Wedding Review web site.

The former Galbraith Forum URL re-directs to

From the new web site:
Welcome to the new home of the Rob Galbraith forums on the web!
The new forums require a $25 annual subscription for full viewing and posting access.
You must have a regular registration to be able to subscribe.
Once you login with your regular registration you will see the “Subscription Area” in the upper right of the menu bar.

There is an archived version of the old RG forums that is supposed to remain free to the general public according to a post by Drew Strickland.

There remains 4 free public forums;

Pro – Student Meeting Place
For discussion of the art and business of photography by both professional photographers and aspiring students of the craft. Pose questions to working pros, request help with college photography assignments and more.

Photo Mechanic
For discussion of the use of the image browser Photo Mechanic in a professional digital photographer’s workflow.

The Trading Post
For the listing of photography equipment for sale. Only the photographer selling the equipment may post here, and only the personal equipment of the photographer may be listed. The responsibility for the successful completion of a transaction commenced from a listing here is entirely the responsibility of the buyer and the seller.

Product Announcements
For the announcement of new digital photography equipment and software by the vendors themselves. Announce new software, software updates and digital photography gear for the professional photographer.

Posting to these forums seem to require user registration.

According to a post on Michael Reichmann’s Luminous Landscape Forums (where a number of former RG Forum members have discussed the closing and then re-opening), former RG Forum members who were banned have been invited back and even one former banned members is now a moderator. (see the post in the Medium Format Digital Backs and Photography forum at Luminious Landscape) although several former RG Forum members are trying to get their old RG Forum posts deleted from the archive.

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Adobe Bridge – User To User Forum Wed, 27 Apr 2005 07:06:34 +0000 PSN Editorial Staff On the Adobe User TO User Forums, a new forum has been added, the Adobe Bridge forum. This new forum adds Bridge to the current list of User to User forums already hosted by Adobe. Note: you will need to register (free) to post on the forums.

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Want to be a part of “The Development”? – Fact Fri, 25 Mar 2005 21:04:28 +0000 Jeff Schewe Want to be a part of the development of Photoshop? You can by posting in the Adobe User to User Forums.

While not as “way–cool” as being a Photoshop alpha or beta tester, the ideas expressed by users in the Forum’s Feature Requests sections do get the attention of the Photoshop engineers. You CAN have an impact!

I’m often asked how to get in with the Photoshop engineers to become a beta tester. . .well, one of the ways to get the engineer’s attention is to make useful posts in the Feature Requests section of the User to User Forums. It won’t get you an automatic ticket to becoming a beta tester, but it is a way to help the Photoshop engineers to improve Photoshop.

Here are some tips and techniques I would offer when it comes to making suggestions for Photoshop:

-Don’t piss & moan dooode!
The Photoshop engineers have a -VERY- short attention span. By and large, if a post starts off as a rant, the engineers won’t read past the first few lines (unless you take a very funny approach to your moaning–the engineers love humor, particularly Photoshop humor).

-Don’t -EVER- ask for something that is already in the program!
Asking for something you don’t realize is already in Photoshop is a sure fire way of getting a dismissal from a Photoshop engineer. You need to know the program well enough to make suggestions for things that aren’t there yet!

-If you ask for something, take the time to explain why it’s important!
Posting a one-liner about “this would be cool to have in Photoshop” without any explanation of either the feature requested or the reasons why it would be useful, isn’t very useful.

-Be explicit in your request, but keep it on-point, don’t ramble!
See above: The Photoshop engineers have a -VERY- short attention span. Writing a long thesis in a web forum isn’t the best way to communicate to the engineers. Keep it short and concise–bullet points are real good. Did I mention that the engineers have a short attention span?

-Keep it realistic and reasonable–and don’t beat a dead horse
(unless you really hate dead horses) Asking for something that is ether totally unrealistic or something that’s been asked for by many others over the years isn’t really useful.

-Keep it USEFUL
The more users that can benefit from your idea, the more likely your idea will get traction with the engineers. Photoshop has many types of users from a wide variety of industry groups. If your ideas benefit a wide user base, the odds of your idea being adopted goes up dramatically. If your idea only helps -YOU- the odds go way down.

Be polite, be persistent, but be patient
You won’t get very far by being something a bit south of civil. Also understand that if you have a good idea, it may take a while for it to germinate-don’t give up. Due to the timing of Photoshop’s development cycles, there are times when the engineers (and the marketing folks) are actively searching for new ideas. There are other times when everybody is in “crunch mode” trying to wrap up development and ship a product. When they are jammin’ to get something done, your good ideas may simply be overlooked.

A real good time to be pitching new ideas is about 6 months after a major new upgrade is shipped. At that point, all the pain of the dev&ship process has been forgotten by the engineers and they start coming back up for air-that’s when it’s ideal to push your ideas.

To add your ideas to the mix, check out the User to User Forums:

Feature Requests–Macintosh

Feature Requests–Windows

Note: free registration is required to participate in the Adobe Forums.

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Adobe User to User Forums Fri, 18 Mar 2005 15:10:59 +0000 Jeff Schewe The Adobe hosted User to User Forums are a valuable resource for tips, techniques and toubleshooting issues with all of Adobe’s products. The forums are free although require registration. The entire forum list shows all of the application forums.

For Photoshop, there are two main forums: Macintosh and Windows. Some of the Photoshop engineers hang out there.

There’s also a forum dedicated to Camera Raw and DNG, Adobe’s standardized raw file format. You’ll often get answers directly from Thomas Knoll, the author of Camera Raw.

For the brave, there’s also the Photoshop Lounge, a place for non-Photoshop discussions that are, well, not suitable for the regular Photoshop Forums.

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