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Mar 24, 2006

Scott Byer on the Mac Intel Switch

From his Living Photoshop Adobe Blog, Photoshop engineer Scott Byer had this to say regarding the switch to Universal Binary using Xcode.

By now you have probably figured out that we aren’t releasing Universal Binaries of our current application versions. If you haven’t, all you need to know is pretty explicitly spelled out here.

“But, c’mon”, I hear people saying, “Steve said it was just a recompile!” Or, “Back during the PowerPC transition, you guys released a patch!”

Well, this time is different. And I really wish it weren’t. But let me tell you how…

Mar 16, 2006

On the Road to Washington DC

…with a few friends for the Epson Print Academy in Washington DC!

Hey, is it cherry blossom time?

Mar 1, 2006

PMA 2006-A View of the Photographic Industry From 30,000 Feet

Source: The Luminous Landscape
Written by Michael Reichmann

Trade shows are always a good opportunity to gauge the state of health of any industry. Walking the isles and talking with both exhibitors as well as attendees provides insights into what people are thinking as well as what they may appear to be doing.

With this as preamble, here are some highly subjective observations on the current (March, 2006) state of the photographic industry. No gospel here, just opinion.

Feb 24, 2006

On the Road to New York City

…with a few friends for the new Epson Print Academy in New York City!

Yep, the Big Apple, home of the Yankees (White Sox will win it all again next year) and our first sold out venue – well, Dallas should have been, but we stuffed the room anyway…

Feb 9, 2006

On the Road to Boston

…with a few friends for the new Epson Print Academy in Boston!
Baked Beans, the Celtics, the Red Soxs, maybe some “tea”…

Jan 26, 2006

On the Road to Miami

…with a few friends for the new Epson Print Academy in Miami!
Now we get to try some Miami Vice…

Jan 9, 2006

The Shadowland/Lightroom Development Story

The development of Adobe Lightroom, code named Shadowland, was not something Adobe started after Apple announced Aperture. The Shadowland project has been going on for years.

How do I know that Adobe has been working on Shadowland for so long?

Because that’s how long I’ve been working on it.

Jan 4, 2006

Top Xmas Gifts for a Photoshop Junky-UPDATE 2

In a post on December 23rd, 2005 I mentioned a variety of possible gifts you might consider giving to a Photoshop Junky. One of the items, a Logitech® MX™518 Gaming-Grade™ Optical Mouse was mentioned because Logitech no longer sells the mouse I was using-a dual optical, four button mouse. At the time, I didn’t notice that Logitech only offered Windows support for that mouse…see: Top Xmas Gifts for a Photoshop Junky-UPDATE. I also indicated that somebody had actually sent me one (other than the one my wife got me for Xmas). But I had no idea who that somebody was. The mystery has been solved.

Dec 28, 2005

More Antarctica Stories

If you liked my Antarctica Expedition story, you might want to check out Michael Reichmann’s write-up of the same trip on Luminous-Landscape.

Dec 23, 2005

Top Xmas Gifts for a Photoshop Junky

If you or somebody you know is a Photoshop junky and are wanting to get/give a really good Xmas gift, my I suggest the following?

Dec 20, 2005

Antarctic Trip Report

Ok…it’s taken a week just to get this trip report sorted out. Part of the problem was recovering from over 24 hours of travel, part was the fact I came back with a little over 100 gigs of digital images to wade through. The real problem is how, in words, do I describe this trip.

Nov 21, 2005

On the road to Antarctica


Yep, down in the land of penguins. A group of intrepid photographers led by Michael Reichmann of The Luminous Landscape and joined by instructors; John Paul Caponigro, Stephen Johnson, Seth Resnick and myself, will be spending 10 days on the ship Akademik Shokalskiy–a converted Russian research vessel based out of Ushuaia, Argentina–doing photography and generally having a great time.

We will cross the turbulent Drake Passage (did anybody mention Sea Sickness?) and then spend a week in the calm waters of an Antarctic spring, going ashore in Zodiacs two to three times each day to photograph the unique landscape and wildlife found at the bottom of the world. Our voyage is operated by Quark Expeditions, one of the most experienced operators of adventure tours in the Antarctic. Quark’s ship is a converted Russian research vessel designed for Antarctic conditions and specially fitted-out for this type of expedition. Quark will dedicate this ship to our expedition, and all 47 passengers will be members of our workshop / expedition. Our itinerary will be designed to maximize photographic opportunities.

My wife and I will be spending about a week in Buenos Aries prior to my going down to Ushuaia and her return to Chicago. No, the thought of her spending 10 days with a bunch of photographers cooped up on a small ship is_NOT_ her idea of a fun trip.

So, as a result, PhotoshopNews will be on “Antarctic Hiatus” until about December 12th. We may be able to post from Buenos Aries and if Michael can figure out how to hook up his sat-phone modem we may even try to do a post from the Antarctic Circle.

Oct 27, 2005

USA Today accused of bad Photoshop job


It was pointed out on From The Pen web site that a recent photograph of Condoleezza Rice that accompanied an article in USA Today was poorly retouched.

Oct 26, 2005

On the Road to Atlanta

I’m on the road to Atlanta to attend my gallery opening. Posts will be light till I return…

Oct 25, 2005

The Pixel Mafia 2005 Dinner

For the last three years, the Pixel Mafia has held an exclusive, invite-only dinner during PhotoPlus Expo. What is the Pixel Mafia? Well, if you have to ask, you really don’t want to know… Omertá, ya know?

This year, the Pixel Mafia Dinner was held on Friday, October 21st at Zoe Restaurant in SoHo. The guests were comprised of the “Usual Suspects” as well as some new blood.

Oct 24, 2005

What John Nack Thinks About Aperture

John Nack is a senior product manager for Adobe Photoshop. His duties also cover Adobe Bridge as well as Adobe Camera Raw. (Read the PSN interview with John Nack). John wrote a short opinion piece on his Adobe Blog about Apple’s new product, Aperture. While John is under certain constraints regarding what he can and can not say, what he does say is honest and straight forward.

Oct 21, 2005

A Wedding Story

On Friday, October 21st at about 9:30 AM, London Photographer and Photoshop expert Martin Evening was married to London hair and make up artist Camilla Pascucci. In a civil ceremony performed in New York City’s “City Hall”. The couple was attended by Aisling Grimley, friend of the bride, LA photographer Greg Gorman, Photoshop engineer Marc Pawliger and Rebecca Schewe. Jeff Schewe acted as witness and ring bearer (as well as photographer).

Oct 13, 2005

Bruce Fraser-On the Road to Recovery

Bruce Fraser, noted author, lecturer and the original “Color Geek” is resting comfortably (more or less) at home. Bruce, after a recent speaking engagement in Oslo, Norway with fellow PixelGenius member Martin Evening, suffered a health related issue while traveling home. Upon his return to San Francisco, his wife Angela, in the final stages of training to be a registered nurse, prevailed upon Bruce to seek medical attention.

The doctor immediately plopped Bruce in hospital to begin a series of tests. The testing indicated Bruce required surgery, which was successfully done at UCSF Medical Center on Thursday, October 6th. He was released from ICU on the following Saturday where he remained until today.

Bruce is the author of the highly successful Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2 (pictured in this photo of Bruce taken by Angela). He is also the co-author of a series of other books including Real World Adobe Photoshop CS2 with co-author David Blatner who wrote to say that the current revision is safely finished and on the way to the printer. He has also co-authored Real World Color Management along with Chris Murphy and Fred Bunting. Bruce has also penned numerous articles, most recently for

Bruce is also a founding member of PixelGenius where he designed the very successful PhotoKit Sharpener.

Bruce indicated that he was still going to be “off-line” for a short period of time but passes along his thanks for all the well wishes he’s recieved. PSN is very pleased to be able to report that Bruce is well on the road to recovery…

Sep 21, 2005

At the Starbucks in Oklahoma City, OK

I’m sitting in the Starbucks in Oklahoma City, OK doing a quick post to say I’m on the way home. No, I didn’t get lost (I do have a GPS ya know) and I haven’t broken down (well, I did have to do a roadside repair in New Mexico). PhotoshopNews will be broadcasting again starting Friday, September 23rd.

Sep 10, 2005

Day 3 – Amarilo to Santa Fe

Depart Amarillo: 10:30 AM
Arrive Santa Fe: 1:45 PM (Mountain time, 2:45 PM Central)
Distance: 274 miles
Average speed: 64 mph (not including 1/2 hour lunch, but including gas stops)

Sep 9, 2005

Day 2 – Joplin to Amarillo

Depart Joplin: 8:30 AM
Arrive Amarillo: 4:00 PM
Distance: 477 miles
Average speed: 68 mph (not including Starbucks but including gas stops)

Sep 8, 2005

Day 1 – Chicago to Joplin

Depart Chicago: 6:00 AM
Arrive Joplin: 5:00PM (corrected)
Distance: 585 miles
Average speed: 65 mph (not including visits but including gas stops)

Sep 7, 2005

On the Road to Santa Fe

I’m off for my annual Santa Fe Workshops class, so for the next couple of weeks, postings for PhotoshopNews will come when and where I can find high-speed internet access while on the road.

Aug 15, 2005

Tom Fors in Death Valley

Tom Fors, the fellow who brought you the ACR-Calibrator script is taking a little trip to Death Valley. But geek that Tom is, he’s documenting the trip in an unusual manner, he’s blogging it live (well almost) and uploading GPS coordinates and hopefully photos from the location.

Using Google Maps, he’s upload the locations of the planned photo expedition’s itinerary and will be attaching photos when he gets air time on his Verizion high speed broadband wireless card.

Jul 20, 2005

Adobe Field Trip-visiting the Photoshop Engineers

At the Northwest corner of Park Avenue and South Almaden Boulevard stand three rather tall buildings-by San Jose, California standards. They are the Adobe Towers, the buildings that PostScript and Photoshop built. On 10 West (10th floor, West Tower), the majority of the Photoshop engineers work and play.