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Jul 25, 2005


Adobe CS2′s Bridge
– A Suite Cockpit
Soucre: Imaging Resource
Written By Mike Pasini

Adobe Bridge is a new application in the Creative Suite that borrows features from your operating system, Web browser organizer and image editor to make your workflow more efficient. This first incarnation, included with the CS2 versions of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator or GoLive, proves its mettle and promises even more. But it’s a tough bird to get a handle on.

Jul 25, 2005

Batch Rename fails to renumber files in Bridge

Source: Photoshop Support Knowledgebase

Issue: When you run the Batch Rename command in Adobe Bridge with a starting sequence number of 1, the files are not renamed.

Jul 23, 2005

Generic camera thumbnails still appear after you install Camera Raw 3.1 update (Adobe Bridge 1.0)

Source: Photoshop Support Knowledgebase

Issue: Generic camera thumbnails still appear for supported camera raw file formats (that is, thumbnails for newly supported cameras don’t appear) in Adobe Bridge after you install the Camera Raw 3.1 update.

Jul 21, 2005

“Error 2: photoshop is undefined…” when you browse to Bridge from Photoshop (CS2)

Source: Photoshop Support Knowledgebase

Issue: Adobe Photoshop returns the error, “Error 2: photoshop is undefined. Line 1 -> photoshop.invokeBridge (false, false, “);” when you attempt to start Adobe Bridge by choosing File > Browse or by clicking Go To Bridge in the Options bar.

Jul 14, 2005

Adobe Bridge Update 1.02 posted

Adobe has posted an Adobe Bridge update to bring Bridge to version 1.02. Note: Adobe Bridge 1.0.2 is only available as a download from It will not be available from the Adobe Updater from within your Adobe applications.


Jun 24, 2005

Adobe talks: Bridge and Version Cue

Source: Macworld
Written By Jim Dalrymple

Adobe Bridge, more than a file browser

Jun 23, 2005

Adobe Bridge Batch Issue

There is an issue when running the Batch automate function from within Bridge, where actions that contain calls to scripts will fail.

Jun 21, 2005

Camera Raw image files have incorrect creation times (Bridge 1.0)

Source: Photoshop Support Knowledgebase

Issue: Adobe Bridge lists incorrect creation times for camera raw image files from some Canon digital cameras. (See the Background information section for a partial list of Canon camera models that may have display this problem.)

Jun 8, 2005

Folders With an Apostrophe Breaks Bridge & Camera Raw

User have reported, and Adobe Bridge engineers have confirmed, an issue where a folder or volume name containing an apostrophe will disable Bridge’s ability to open Raw file formats within the folder or volume when Camera Raw is hosted by Bridge.


Jun 8, 2005

New Adobe Bridge Script-Import Camera

At Adobe Studio Exchange, there is a new script written for Adobe Bridge, available for downloading:
Import Camera.

Jun 8, 2005

Adobe Bridge 1.0.1 Update Available for Windows Download

The Windows stand alone Bridge 1.0.1 updater is available for download from the Adobe Support Downloads website at the Bridge downloads for Windows.

Direct Link
(36.1MB .exe)

May 31, 2005

Adobe Bridge 1.0.1 Update Available for Mac Download

The Macintosh stand alone Bridge 1.0.1 updater is available for download from the Adobe Support Downloads website at the Bridge downloads for Mac.

Direct download link (40.8MB DMG File)

No word yet regarding a stand alone downloadable installer for Windows.

May 27, 2005

Adobe Studio Exchange

An often overlooked digital imaging resource is:
Adobe Studio Exchange.

Well, it’s one you don’t want to overlook because that’s where a lot of new productivity scripts will be released. In fact, there’s a new one posted for Adobe Bridge already.

May 27, 2005

Adobe Bridge 1.01 is Released

A new version of Adobe Bridge has been release via Adobe Updater. Bridge 1.01 is a 44.32 MB download. This update includes support for additional languages, improved stability and increased performance, particularly when launching Bridge on systems with large number of fonts.

May 26, 2005

Error “Adobe Bridge cannot be used…” when you start (Bridge CS2)

Source: Photoshop Support Knowledgebase

When you start Adobe Bridge, it returns the following error and then quits: “Adobe Bridge cannot be used at this time because of licensing restrictions. You must have installed and launched at least one other Adobe application to use Adobe Bridge.”

May 24, 2005

Apply Camera Raw Settings doesnt save my settings

Source: Adobe Bridge User to User Forum (Mac)

User Thomas Bricker posted an issue with Camera Raw settings not being applied to the Bridge settings when opening Raw images with Camera Raw hosted by Adobe Bridge.

May 19, 2005

Adding PhotoshopNews RSS to Bridge Center

If you have the Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Edition, you can add RSS newsfeeds directly in the Adobe Bridge Center and read news stories right in Bridge. Note, this will ONLY work in the full Suite version, not the individual application versions of Bridge.

May 12, 2005

DAMUseful Releases Rank and File has released an Adobe Bridge Javascript, Rank and File that can write the Star Ratings into the IPTC keywords of an image file, so that other programs can see and use this valuable information.

May 3, 2005

Raw Shooters CS2 Migration Guide

The purpose of this short guide is to help you transition from Photoshop CS/Camera Raw 2.x/File Browser to Photoshop CS2/Camera Raw 3.x/Bridge. Nothing terrible is going to happen if you fail to follow these recommendations, but you will lose time.

Apr 27, 2005

Adobe Bridge – User To User Forum

On the Adobe User TO User Forums, a new forum has been added, the Adobe Bridge forum. This new forum adds Bridge to the current list of User to User forums already hosted by Adobe. Note: you will need to register (free) to post on the forums.

Apr 26, 2005

Camera Raw 3, Photoshop CS2 & Bridge

Apr 16, 2005

Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw 3 – Shortcuts

So, Photoshop CS2 has been announced and with it we get a host of new features such as: Vanishing Point, Smart Object, Smart Sharpen, Image Warping, 32-bit support Merge to HDR, Lens Correction, Noise Reduction plus a lot of others under the bonnet. Along with these new features we also find a significantly enhanced version of Camera Raw and a completely new companion application called Adobe Bridge.

Apr 13, 2005

Introducing the new Adobe Bridge Slideshow

As many of you will be aware by now, the Photoshop File Browser has metamorphosed into a new standalone program called Bridge, which is supplied with all the programs in the Adobe CS2 Creative Suite. And in this new release, the Adobe engineers have been able to add a lot more new features, to make Bridge a powerful application with which to carry out all your picture selection editing. Bridge is primarily designed to enhance the workflow between all the programs in the Adobe CS2 Creative Suite. But one of the cool new features in Bridge is the Slideshow viewing mode.

Apr 4, 2005

Real Photoshop pros–real stories about CS2

Adobe has posted a video featuring a variety of top Photoshop experts and photographers talking about Adobe® Photoshop CS2®. The video and additional information about Photoshop CS2 is available at the Adobe digital imaging solutions page. See the video 6.5M(SWF: 1:30 min)

Also check out the Photoshop CS2 home page.

There’s also a Top New Photoshop CS2 Features page. Check out the System Requirements page of Photoshop CS2.

Adobe Camera Raw has been updated to version 3. Check out the updated Camera Raw page for more info.

Adobe Bridge, the new CS2 control center has a home page. See how Adobe Bridge serves as the hub for your Creative Suite projects. Take a tour of Bridge (SWF: 29k / 2:30 min).

Apr 3, 2005

Photoshop CS2– What’s new?

Posted 12:01AM Eastern
(-5 GMT) April 4, 2005

Okay folks, this time it’s for real. . .

On Monday, April 4, 2005 Adobe is officially announcing Adobe® Photoshop® CS2. In fact, Adobe will be announcing and showing the entire Creative Suite 2 at the Adobe ideas conference, where leaders from design and publishing industry will come together to share their thoughts on industry trends and the impact of technology, and cutting-edge creative.

PhotoshopNews will be covering the event LIVE FROM NEW YORK!
Live coverage begins at 9:00AM Eastern time (GMT-5).

So, what’s new in Photoshop CS2? Well, there’s a lot: