Mar 23, 2009

On The Road To Boston

I’m off to Boston and Photoshop World this week. I’ll be hooking up with Martin Evening there as well–we are actually doing a conference session together! Which Download Movies should be fun because I’ll get to make fun of the way Martin pronounces common Photoshop tools’ names. Those Brits…they even misspell the word color!

Andrew Rodney and JP Caponigro and I are doing another mini-Print Academy for Epson. After PSW I’m off to hook up with Seth Resnick and Michael Reichmann in Miami Beach for some tutorial taping….more about that later!

2 Responses to “On The Road To Boston”

  1. Little Jo Says:

    The new book is excellent Jeff. A must-read for anyone keen to get the best from Photoshop and from their images. Well done.

  2. Jeff Schewe Says:

    Little Jo,

    Thanks for the kind words…and may I say you have excellent taste?

    Seriously, I do appreciate it…Martin and I worked pretty hard on the book. So, if you do like it and wish to let people know what you think, might I suggest you post a review on Amazon?

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