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Mar 23, 2009

On The Road To Boston

I’m off to Boston and Photoshop World this week. I’ll be hooking up with Martin Evening there as well–we are actually doing a conference session together! Which Download Movies should be fun because I’ll get to make fun of the way Martin pronounces common Photoshop tools’ names. Those Brits…they even misspell the word color!

Andrew Rodney and JP Caponigro and I are doing another mini-Print Academy for Epson. After PSW I’m off to hook up with Seth Resnick and Michael Reichmann in Miami Beach for some tutorial taping….more about that later!

Mar 19, 2009

Advanced color to black and white conversion

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Yep, there are already a lot of ways to convert a color image to grayscale in Photoshop or Camera Raw. But all of them except this technique mean your image is converted as a global correction. Using color channels as grayscale layers means you can use layer masks to alter the grayscale conversion and allows you to optimize for the best possible result. The technique allows shows how to re-convert your grayscale image back to a color image for the purposes of color toning.

Please note this video is in Quicktime format. A player can be downloaded from

Mar 6, 2009

How to remove objects using two exposures

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Have you ever found yourself in the position where you are trying to photograph a building, but can’t get a clear view of the subject because of lamp posts or other objects that are in the foreground? In this short movie clip I show how with a little forward planing it is possible to remove offending objects from the foreground without needing to use either the clone stamp or healing brush. Essentially, you can use the new improved auto-alignment command in Photoshop to sucessfuly merge two exposures shot from different angles.

Please note this video is in Quicktime format. A player can be downloaded from

Mar 3, 2009

Adobe Releases Camera Raw 5.3 and Lightroom 2.3 GMs

Adobe has released the final versions of Photoshop Lightroom 2.3 and Camera Raw 5.3, available immediately for download at