Aug 6, 2008

Andrew Rodney Guest Blogs on Photoshop Insider


Scott Kelby has our own Andrew Rodney of PixelGenius on board as a guest blogger on his Photoshop Insider blog. Andrew talks about “getting old” along side Photoshop and how he, as a Photoshop user of 18 years has learned to love Lightroom. Check it out here. BTW, the image above is a shot Andrew did of his late dog Tosh. He still has 3 dogs (hence the “Digital Dog“ moniker), Zia, Mela and Brisket.

Andrew with Mela after a walk in the desert.

Andrew holding Brisket on the back porch of his house.

Zia on the couch. Note the eyes, Zia is part wolf and doesn’t always trust me.

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