May 15, 2008

D65 Gets a Jump on Lightroom 2.0


Learn Lightroom 2.0 with D65

Adobe released Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 beta which features enhancements such as dual-monitor support and localized dodge and burn corrections. It is the first Adobe application to support 64-bit for Mac OS X 10.5 Intel Macs and Microsoft Vista 64-bit operating systems.

We are now teaching the transition to 2.0 and all the features.

Do you want to quickly process your files and have them look awesome?
Do you want to be able to find any image in a blink of an eye?
Are you keywording properly and using metadata to your advantage?
Do your prints look the way you want? Can you convert to CMYK?
Wondering how to set up a real archive?
Are you working in 16-bit and using ProPhoto?
Can you extend the dynamic range of an image?
Is your computer optimized for workflow, or is it running slow?
Would you like to blow your clients away with quality they rarely see?

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, then D65 is THE Workshop for you.


The D-65 workshops teach bullet-proof techniques to increase workflow productivity and save time. These workshops demonstrate ways to automate, search, archive, present and deliver the zillions of images today’s photographers accumulate. Attendees will learn to create files perfect for reproduction; tagged, named, sized and sharpened correctly, along with attaching the appropriate metadata and keywords. You’ll learn the correct way to keep your images organized, and archived. The workshops are intensive, and focus on optimizing digital photography — from input to output.

D-65 totally immerses you in this four-day digital worflow workshop. Our days consist of hands-on training and lectures supplemented by a comprehensive D65 digital workflow textbook. By the end of the program, you will have the ability to create your own successful workflow, and better communicate with your clients.

The program centers around Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, going far beyond the basics of digital. It truly prepares the professional photographer, art director, photo editor or advanced amateur for the digital world.
The workshops are taught by Seth Resnick and Jamie Spritzer and cover:

* Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Lightroom Beta 2.0
* Photoshop CS3
* Digital Asset Management
* Optimizing Lightroom & Photoshop Preferences
* Color Spaces
* File Formats
* Digital Standards
* Exposing for Digital
* White Balance
* Color Management From Input to Output
* Profiling Monitors & Systems
* Using Lightroom: The 5 Modules
* Lightroom Catalog & Preferences
* File Naming Conventions
* Metadata & Keywording
* Rating Your Images
* “Tweaking” Your Files – the beauty of Parametric Editing
* Sharpening : Capture, Creative and Output
* Processing Files
* Custom Presets
* Austomating Workflow
* Ceating Actions for Lightroom
* Client Delivery
* FTP File Transmission
* Web Galleries, Slideshows, PDF Presentations
* Printing, Soft Proofing & ICC Profiles
* Converting to CMYK
* Archiving
* Retouching for Digital
* The Business of Digital
* Copyright and Security
* Digital Camera Maintenance

Los Angeles: May 16-19 Sold Out
Denver: June 20-23
Portland,OR: August 8-11
New York: Sept 12- 15
Chicago: October 3- 6
San Francisco: November 14-17
Austin, TX : December 12 -15

Workshop Fee: $1099.00

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