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Apr 8, 2008

OnOne Previews Liquid Resize

Liquid Resize is a “content aware” image resizing application for Mac OS X and Windows. Liquid Resize is now available for download as a Product Preview from onOne Software.

Liquid Resize will allow you to resize an image without traditional geometric limitations while minimizing any distortion that would typically result from changing the original aspect ratio of an image.

Apr 8, 2008

Adobe Aligns Mobile and Platform Operations

Press Release: SAN JOSE, Calif. — April 7, 2008 — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the alignment of the company’s mobile and platform operations as it moves toward an integrated technology platform and runtime environment for personal computers (PCs), mobile handsets and consumer devices. In support of this strategy, the Mobile and Devices Business Unit (MDBU) is joining Adobe’s Experience and Technology group, led by Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch.

Apr 8, 2008

Adobe’s 64-bit Roadmap: No 64-bit Version of Photoshop CS4 for Mac

Last week, John Nack, senior product manager for Photoshop, posted a blog entry regarding Adobe’s roadmap for 64-bit versions of Creative Suite apps–notably Photoshop CS4. John notes there will be a 64-bit version for Windows but not for Macintosh. Well, the shyte hit the fan so to speak. (read John’s blog entry here). You can read the “official” Adobe statement on 64-bit here(it’s a 60KB PDF download).

As might be expected, there was a whole lot of blame being slung about as well as comments from the digerati (on both sides of the argument) for why this has come to pass.

It should be noted that Adobe has long been about as platform agnostic as any software company can be. All of the mainline CS3 applications are truly cross=platform with the exception of minor keyboard commands. And while Premiere Pro had been dropped from the Mac, it’s back and better than ever. Yes, it sometimes takes longer for the Mac versions-case in point Photoshop Elements 6.0 only recently was released for Mac while the Windows version was released about 6 months ago. There are very few things that Adobe works on that isn’t essentially equal on both Mac and Windows-except for this next version of Photoshop CS4.