Mar 3, 2008

The Dark Lord of Photoshop

c2022f01.jpgMexican photographer, Javier S. Sanudo (Frodo 47 on Flickr), balances a trained eye in the classic beauty of portraiture, with the his own dark imaginings through the creative use of photo-manipulation.

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The best way to describe Frodo 47′s photography is simply, ‘finding the beauty in darkness’. Sanudo’s personal photo series “Creacion de Imagenes” was inspired by “images of madness and indifference you see on the streets.” He then twists the images until they take the form of his sometimes nightmarish imaginings.

“I have always preferred to be alone, creating my own ‘bubble’ in my mind.”

Frodo 47, a.k.a. Javier S. Sañudo, was born in 1981 and has lived all his life in Mexico City. Like many artists, music was the artist’s introduction into personal creativity. “Since I was very young, music has been my curse, I’ve been playing guitar and listening to music all day and night. For more than eight years, I used to play in Death Metal bands,” says Sanudo. He says he has always been interested in images like photography, paintings, video clips, movies. But, it was not until he saw Joel-Peter Witkin’s photos that he got became interested in taking photographs as a main means of expression. “The way he shows human ways of being made me try to do the same, but in my own way.”

Sanudo is also influenced by H.R. Giger, John Santerineross, Herr Buchta , Jeffrey Scott, Floria Sigismondi, Misha Gordin among others.

See more of Frodo47′s work at
or on the Saatchi gallery website

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