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Mar 3, 2008

Photoshop .87 Icons


Since we recently celebrated Photoshop’s 18th birthday, it seems a lot of people are finding old Photoshop “stuff”. These icons were recently posted on, with some, uh, well, less than positive comments. Even John Knoll, Photoshop’s coauthor (and brother of Thomas) felt compelled to respond:

Mar 3, 2008

Finnegan Nack has Shipped!


In spite of the fact that John Nack, senior product manager for Photoshop, has been working hard on his new baby (Photoshop CS4) it seems that he and wife Margo have ALSO been working on a new baby, Finnegan Liggett Nack (“Finn” to future pals).

On his blog John writes:

Mar 3, 2008

Photo industry braces for another revolution

Source: CNET
Written by Stephen Shankland

Think of it as digital photography 2.0.

In the last decade, photography has been transformed by one revolution, the near-total replacement of analog film cameras by digital image sensors. Now researchers and companies are starting to stretch their wings by taking advantage of what a computer can do with sensor data either within the camera or on a full-fledged PC.

Mar 3, 2008

The Dark Lord of Photoshop

c2022f01.jpgMexican photographer, Javier S. Sanudo (Frodo 47 on Flickr), balances a trained eye in the classic beauty of portraiture, with the his own dark imaginings through the creative use of photo-manipulation.

Posted by jwanamaker

The best way to describe Frodo 47′s photography is simply, ‘finding the beauty in darkness’. Sanudo’s personal photo series “Creacion de Imagenes” was inspired by “images of madness and indifference you see on the streets.” He then twists the images until they take the form of his sometimes nightmarish imaginings.

“I have always preferred to be alone, creating my own ‘bubble’ in my mind.”