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Feb 28, 2008

Math on Display

Visualizations of mathematics create remarkable artwork

Source: Science News
Written by Julie J. Rehmeyer

“Coral Star” shows the motion brought about by one particular dynamical system.
By Michael Field

Mathematicians often rhapsodize about the austere elegance of a well-wrought proof. But math also has a simpler sort of beauty that is perhaps easier to appreciate: It can be used to create objects that are just plain pretty—and fascinating to boot.

That beauty was richly on display at an exhibition of mathematical art at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego in January, where more than 40 artists showed their creations.

Feb 28, 2008

Hollywood’s ‘perfect woman’: A cross between Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Carmen Electra


Source: Daily Mail
Written by Emily Sheridan

Introducing Carlizina Jolectron, the latest Hollywood beauty.
On closer inspection, the stunning actress appears rather familiar.

In fact, Carlizina isn’t even a real woman – she’s a digital combination of Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Carmen Electra.