Feb 27, 2008

Start-up lets you fix focus after snapping the shutter

Source: CNET
Written by Stephen Shankland

It’s one of the oldest, most common problems in photography: that picture you thought would be the prize shot is out of focus.

Refocus Imaging, a Silicon Valley start-up, thinks its technology can be used to make cameras that can fix that problem–after you take the photo.

By fitting a camera’s image sensor with a special lens and then processing the resulting data with new methods, Refocus Imaging’s technology will let photographers fix their photos and exercise new creative control after the shutter is released, founder and Chief Executive Ren Ng said.

“There’s a lot of physical stuff in the camera that is limiting its performance,” Ng said. “What we’re doing is to capture much more than a two-dimensional photograph inside the camera…By collecting the light, we can process it in software to do what the hardware usually has to do.”

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