Feb 18, 2008

Photoshop Your Favorite NBA Star!


Looking for a place to show off your top work?
The NBA and Midway are looking for YOUR Chosen One entries. It’s time to fire up Photoshop, get creative, and get ready to compete with NBA Fans around the world.

Showcase your CHOSEN ONE now through April! The top three entries will win eternal glory and cool prizes. For more info, see the web site:

The Chosen One Contest Design Checklist:

Create an image design that we’ve never seen before (using Photoshop or another type of designing software that you own or have rights to use). Your “Chosen One” can depict a current player, a fictional basketball character, or even a depiction of yourself. It’s up to you on who you want to be your Chosen One.
We’re looking for unique submissions!

Visual Appeal
Please make sure the design you submit focuses on the Chosen One, but is also balanced with cool background designs and artwork, taglines, etc.

Chosen One Player/Character
Make sure you include a player/character (whether fictional or real) in your design.

No Obscenities
All submissions that are uploaded will be monitored by our staff before they are posted live to ensure the Chosen One designs don’t include any obscene or negative
messaging or imagery.

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