Feb 14, 2008

Ok, it DID finally Air!


On Thursday, Scott posted on his blog (Photoshop Insider) that Photoshop User TV DID finally air on the Fox Business channel.

From Scott: “Hard to believe as this must sound, but Photoshop User TV actually did air on “real” television last night on Fox Business channel. Now, as you might expect, besides the date problem, there was apparently a time slot issue in some parts of the country, and as soon as I’m back in the office (tomorrow), I’ll track it down and hopefully get you the right info for next week, but hey….it’s a start. :)

So, some people in some parts of the country got to see it, others may not have. The good news however is that regardless of the Fox Business channel’s scheduling “issues”, you can STILL be assured of seeing each and every episode on Photoshop User TV‘s web site!

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