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Feb 13, 2008

OK, Now it’s Official…it’s really to Air on Thursdays!

A further update from Scott (this is actually starting to get interesting) on his blog explains that TV networks don’t have the same calendar as the rest of us.

“A 24 hour period of 5am to 5am is a day of programming for them. So when they said 1:30am on Wednesday it actually falls on Thursday at 1:30am which is still in the Wednesday block of time for their scheduling. Which means our show airs on Thursday at 1:30am.”

See The “Missing Episode” on Fox Business (Update).

Feb 13, 2008

SIIA Sues Nine Accused of Selling Pirated Software on eBay

Suits in Northern California Aimed at Protecting Legitimate Sellers and Unsuspecting Buyers on eBay

Press Release: WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) announced today it has filed the largest round of lawsuits since launching its auction site anti-piracy program two years ago. SIIA filed nine separate suits in the US District Court for the Northern District of California, on behalf of members Adobe Systems Incorporated and Symantec Corporation. The lawsuits are part of SIIA’s comprehensive program to battle rampant auctioning of pirated software.

Seven suits were filed today: SIIA, on behalf of Adobe, charged Edward Sarkisov of Van Nuys, CA; John Baptiste of Hurst, TX; Brandon Roberts of Canyon Lake, TX; Don Farr of Redmond, WA; Beverly Johnson & John Baker of Chicago, IL; Brandon Perkins of Corpus Christ, TX and John Baker of Palatine, IL with knowingly selling illegal copies of Adobe(R) PhotoShop(R) CS3 and other software products on eBay.

Feb 13, 2008

Cameras with built-in geotagging on horizon

Source: CNET
Written by Stephen Shankland

Geotagging, in which digital photos are labeled with the location where they were taken, is mostly unfamiliar to photographers today. But new developments are likely going to put the technology on the map.