Feb 12, 2008

Ok, Probably Tonite Says Scott


Scott Kelby wrote last week of Photoshop User TV’s premier on “real TV” but there seems to have been, uh, well, a technical glitch? However, today on his blog (Photoshop Insider) he posted “I somewhat hesitate to say this, but tonight, there is a more than a reasonable chance that at 1:30 am (same time in each time zone), Photoshop User TV will make it’s “real” television debut on Fox Business channel.”

Scott Kelby

So, if you’re up late tonite working on that last minute Photoshop project (or you have TiVo) you might check the listings and see if, as Scott says “you’ll be treated to either “The Photoshop Guys” or an informercial for “The Juicer” (which is what ran in our spot last week).”

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