Jan 21, 2008

YouSendIt Announces Adobe Photoshop plug-in for Mac Platform

Latest YouSendIt plug-in makes large file delivery quick and convenient for Photoshop users

Press Release: YouSendIt, Inc., the trusted global leader in digital content delivery, today announced that it has expanded its service offerings by releasing an Adobe Photoshop plug-in for the Apple® Mac platform. The new plug-in allows Mac users to quickly and seamlessly send multiple Photoshop files in any format, securely, and without compressing.

The free YouSendIt Photoshop plug-in, available for Photoshop CS3 for Mac, makes it easy to send large or important files directly from within the Photoshop workflow. The plug-in utilizes Express, the YouSendIt desktop application, and will share the same features of Express including resumable upload. Users can use the YouSendIt plug-in for Photoshop and eliminate the frustrations associated with FTP transfers, burning a CD to mail via overnight courier or e-mail bounce-backs resulting from attachments larger than recipient networks allow. Additionally, files delivered through the Photoshop plug-in can be easily exported to different file formats.

“Sending large graphic files is a critical and essential workflow component for creative professionals,” said YouSendIt founder, Ranjith Kumaran. “The YouSendIt plug-in makes it easy for Mac Photoshop users to quickly send large files from within this preferred design application without having to leave their creative environment.”

As a response to the global adoption of Photoshop and other key graphic application platforms, YouSendIt continues to develop solutions that enable graphic professionals to increase their productivity and simplify their workflow.The free Photoshop plug-in, which can be conveniently downloaded directly from the YouSendIt Web site, is one of several solutions recently developed to expedite the sending, receiving and tracking of large files. Other Mac offerings include YouSendIt Express and a YouSendIt plug-in for Apple’s® professional photography software, Aperture™. YouSendIt Express with resumable upload supports the newest OS X version and allows users to send multiple files directly from their desktop. The YouSendIt Apple® Aperture™ plug-in allows photographers to send their photos to their clients, partners and service bureaus directly from within the application.

About YouSendIt
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