Jan 2, 2008

John Nack Responds to Conspiracy Theories

John Nack, Senior Photoshop Product Manager (and all around fun guy) took time over the holidaze to post a rebuttal of some of the web stories claiming Photoshop CS3 and other CS3 apps are “phoning home” over the Internet when launched. See his story Adobe ate me baby!!.

John says:

“According to Doug Miller from the team, “Omniture is Adobe’s web analytic vendor for There are only 3 places we track things via Omniture anywhere in or around our products.”:

  • The welcome screens (these things) in some Adobe apps include a Flash SWF file that loads current news, special offers, etc. These requests hit servers and are logged, like regular browser-based traffic, by Omniture.
  • Adobe Bridge embeds both the Opera browser and the Flash Player, both of which can be used to load Adobe-hosted content. These requests are also logged.
  • Adobe apps can call various online resources (online help, user forums, etc.), and those requests are logged. [Update: To clarify, those contacts are made only if the user requests them--e.g. by choosing Help->Adobe Exchange.]

This, as far as I’ve been able to discover, is the extent of the nefarious “spying.” If I learn anything else when more people get back on email, I’ll update this post.”

Read his original post here and a followup post here. Both blog posts have prompted a slew of comments.

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