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If you have not read JDMcD’s “The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything,” it’s a classic and a fun read. Back in 1963 it was the book that led me to his other works.

By: hoddo hoddo Fri, 21 Dec 2007 23:33:30 +0000 I love the Adobe CS2 Sharpening book having recently bought it and I have two questions which I hope is ok for I need a little guidance

Given the development of Lightroom, another fantastic product, it did occur to me that it can be used to do the capture sharpening leaving only creative sharpening and output left to do – here’s my questions…

1. As far as I can make out the LR sharpening is like making the high pass/overlay process combined with the make a mask/find edges/soften to taste then sharpen those edges. What I struggle with is how much sharpening to apply? What does it look like on screen?

2. For creative sharpening LR isn’t going to replace PS but what if you feel no need and want to go straight to print? How does LR factor in sharpening for output if I determine the output size for I can’t detect any difference for the output sharpening words used in the print module.

Maybe the answer is that to truly stay with Bruce Frasers sharpening methods that creative sharpening MUST be conducted before output – I don’t know, I get muddled sometimes.

Thanks and I hope you reply