Dec 12, 2007

Get Your METACOW Right Here!


METACOW: A Public-Domain, HighResolution, Fully-Digital, Noise-Free, Metameric, Extended-Dynamic-Range, Spectral Test Target for Imaging System Analysis and Simulation

Geek Alert: the following would really only excite a “color geek”…

Sent in from Greg Barnett of RIT is this info about a geeky color test target from the Munsell Color Science Lab at RIT (that’s Rochester Institute of Technology for those who didn’t attend school there). From the web site:

Standard, easily accessible, test targets have long served the field of color imaging as a foundation for comparison of the performance of various imaging systems and algorithms and the open and meaningful exchange of research results. This website details the creation and application of a new digital color test target useful for research and development of color imaging systems. The target has several advantages over previous types of targets that include spatial resolution, dynamic range, spectral resolution, metameric properties, lack of noise, and continuous tonal variations. All these features can be important for visual assessment, computational analysis, and colorimetric evaluation. This target, known as METACOW, is freely available to all performing research in color imaging.

The METACOW test target is available to all for use in imaging system design and evaluation. Since it is such a large image it is not really practical to download, it will be provided on DVD for a nominal $25 media & shipping/handling fee. On this fabulous DVD you get: Many Gigs of Fullsize METACOW Glory, Smaller and Easier to Manage MINIMETACOW, Matlab Source Code for Reading and Rendering METACOW, and Much More.

Or you can download a smaller version (420x600x77) here: Small METACOW Images.

Contact Garrett Johnson or Mark Fairchild for details on how to order your very own METACOW DVD

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