Dec 10, 2007

InfoTrends says 89% of Pro Photographers are “Digital”

InfoTrends Study Shows Significant Changes in Pro Photography Workflows as Image Capture Volumes Increase

InfoTrends Press Release: According to a recent InfoTrends survey of over 1,000 professional photographers across specialties, the increased use of digital photography is leading to new opportunities in the imaging industry. It’s no surprise that the percentage of total digital images captured by pros has grown from 82% in 2006 to 89% in 2007; however, a pronounced increase in the number of digital images captured per week by the average pro suggests that software, service, and printing solution providers are likely to benefit in the long run.

The study indicates that over 90% of professional digital images captured are saved and stored, suggesting that pro photographers will need help managing their image workflows and backing up their work. The market for image management tools is wide open, and storage media vendors have yet to fully capitalize on this opportunity by committing more of their marketing dollars to the professional photographer segment.  The survey also shows year-over-year changes in the production of proofs and final prints, which has implications for photo labs, retailers, and printer vendors.

“Today’s photographers are technologically savvy, as a significant majority is using image editing software and many are using RAW conversion and color management software,” commented Ed Lee, Director at InfoTrends. “It’s particularly interesting to note that 83% of professional photographers are using the Web as part of their business and about 30% use an online photo service provider. This suggests that a variety of Web services providers could see future growth opportunities.” InfoTrends is currently conducting a study that specifically examines the Web services market for professional photographers.

InfoTrends’ recently released report, “Digital Imaging and Professional Photographers: 2007 Survey Results,” provides further insight into the opportunities that are available as a result of the transition from film to digital. It also examines the digital photography behaviors of professional photographers, including the equipment they own; what they plan to buy; how many digital images they take, save, store, and print; the types of software they use; and more. A subset of the study, entitled “Photo Printing and Professional Photographers,” looks specifically at output activity.  As appropriate, each document considers how the results from this year’s survey compare to the results from previous years’ studies.

The complete research reports are available immediately to clients of InfoTrends’ Digital Photography Trends Service and Photo Printing Trends Service. For more information about either report or to make a purchase, visit our online store or contact Matt O’Keefe at +1 781 616 2100 ext. 115 or

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