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Dec 10, 2007

InfoTrends says 89% of Pro Photographers are “Digital”

InfoTrends Study Shows Significant Changes in Pro Photography Workflows as Image Capture Volumes Increase

InfoTrends Press Release: According to a recent InfoTrends survey of over 1,000 professional photographers across specialties, the increased use of digital photography is leading to new opportunities in the imaging industry. It’s no surprise that the percentage of total digital images captured by pros has grown from 82% in 2006 to 89% in 2007; however, a pronounced increase in the number of digital images captured per week by the average pro suggests that software, service, and printing solution providers are likely to benefit in the long run.

Dec 10, 2007

Photoshop your pooch

pet-orniments.jpgSource: Reedsburg Times Press
Written by By Nathan Greenhalgh

REEDSBURG-For some people pets are like family members. They walk them no matter what the weather is like, feed them regularly, dress them up and even use them to attract members of the opposite sex. In other words, pets can be a serious time investment. So why not take pictures of them?

That’s where Dennis Kline’s new digital studio, Critter Camera, comes in. Not only can Kline take the usual pet portraits, he is also a graphic artist. For example, he can put your pet’s image inside of a Christmas ornament, make it pensively stare at it’s own reflection ala Hamlet or give it vampire teeth.

“It’s not limited to dogs and cats; any animal,” Kline said. “I do a lot of Photoshop.”

Dec 10, 2007

XChange Releases PhotoSpray 1.8

Press Release: 2007-12-10–XChange International, the source for extended technology worldwide, are pleased to announce the release of PhotoSpray 1.8. PhotoSpray is an Adobe® Photoshop® or Adobe Elements® plug-in that offers the ability to spray pictures on top of any RGB photos or layers. This method of painting lets users brush sets of images on top of any photo.