Nov 12, 2007

JAY MAISEL Photography Workshop


This is an opportunity to take a workshop with Jay in his own environment, a historic landmark bank building in Lower Manhattan.

This is a workshop about seeing and expanding your capability. It is not about performing or getting your ego stroked. It is definitely not about technical things and absolutely not about Photoshop. You will shoot, get critiques, look at Jay’s work and talk about photography all day long.

It will take place Mon. Dec. 17 to Fri. Dec. 21, from 9am to 10pm each day. All meals are included. The cost is $5000. It will be filled on a first come, first served basis and will be limited to 9 participants. Payment in full, in advance must be made in order to secure a spot.

The workshop is sponsored by SanDisk. Please call 212.431.5013 or email for more information. for more information.

The following quotes are from people who have taken Jays workshops and will help explain different aspects of the experience:

  • …Life changing experience….I would take it again, for the critiques.
  • …Expanded my awareness of what is out there
  • …Sharpened my ability to evaluate and edit.
  • …Gave me the vision and critical eye I was looking for.
  • …Thinking outside the box. I will look at color differently.
  • …Opened my eyes to opportunity.
  • …Liberated me in where and when and what I could shoot.
  • …I appreciated the time and detail of the criticism.
  • …His remarks on editing will have a profound impact on my work.
  • …Saw new ways of appreciating what is there.
  • …The creative juices are flowing again.
  • …You have definitely raised my bar. And I have learned how to wait.
  • …I was pushed to explore areas and I expanded my vision.
  • …Opened me up to new ways of seeing and thinking about my work.
  • …I’ll never take an “easy” picture again.
  • …I now know to “see”before the camera even goes to my eye.
  • …I received the kind of honest criticism that will help me improve.
  • …Learned to photograph people.
  • …Great balance of shooting and talking.
  • …Some of the best shooting information I’ve had.
  • … Pushes and inspires his students to grow –everyone in the class improved…I grew beyond my expectations, and now see differently.
  • …There was not one moment of bullshit from Jay – everything was brutally honest and thus extremely helpful.
  • …I think magic was made this week.

Portraits of Jay by Jeff Schewe

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