Nov 7, 2007

Scott Kelby Teaches to over 1,300 Photoshop Users in NYC


Source: Photoshop Insider

It must be some kind of record–over 1,300 people attending a one day Photoshop CS3 workshop, but that’s how many people were in attendance to Scott’s Photoshop CS3 Power Tour stop in New York City yesterday. The last stop of the year for Scott’s tour will be in Washington DC later this month.

The irony of this particular workshop is that Scott actually mentioned Adobe Photoshop Lightroom during the session in the morning and it seems a large number of attendees didn’t know what Scott was talking about. Since Scott’s been on tour doing the Lightroom Tour as well, he had just assumed everybody knows about Lightroom.

Apparently not.

So Scott is going to be devoting an entire special segment of Photoshop User TV to the question: Bridge and Camera Raw vs. Lightroom on November 19th.

Read Scott’s post

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