Nov 2, 2007

Are Your Gadgets Ready for the Time Change?

The delayed start of winter hours may–but may not–confuse digital equipment; here’s where to update just in case.

Source: PCWorld
Written by Tom Spring

Daylight-saving time arrives late this year–we gain an hour on November 4. You already know this, but does your electronic gear?

Federal lawmakers voted two years ago to extend daylight-saving time (DST) one week to help conserve energy. Businesses have worked hard to patch their computers so time critical systems like electronic stock trading, billing, and airline schedules work without missing a beat. But for smaller companies and consumers, the time change may not be snag free.

“It’s the small stuff that people have to worry about,” says Andrea Protas, director of research for eEye Digital Security. “Any small electronics like VCRs, alarm clocks, and wrist watches are susceptible to error.”

It’s just the flip side of the concerns raised seven months ago when daylight-saving time kicked in earlier, by Congressional action.

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[Editor's note: don't forget to change the clock in your digital cameras because while you can alter the EXIF Date/Time captured EXIF metadata after the fact, it's time consuming and not always easy to do–particularly on a lot of captures.]

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