Oct 26, 2007

Dan (Dano) Steinhardt on Photoshop User TV


Dan (Dano to his friends) Steinhardt of Epson America was on Photoshop User TV this week with host Scott Kelby. Episode 104 featured Dano talking about his photography as well as Epson’s new Exhibition Fiber Paper.


Dano and Scott talked about photography and making state of the art digital prints. Scott admitted to “hating Dano” for being a really great “urban shooter”.


Dano explained that originally, the Exhibition Fiber Paper was being designed primarily for B&W printing but that during the testing, the paper was also deemed excellent for color printing as well.


My favorite part was the extensive FX that Photoshop User TV used to “highlight” Dano’s rather shiny head…(something that makeup alone couldn’t tame).


He even got special mention in the closing credits.

Check out Episode 104 available as a streaming Flash movie or downloadable as a QuickTime movie.

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