Oct 26, 2007

Adobe Creative Suite 3 sales ‘on fire’

Source: CNET
Written by Martin LaMonica

People are taking a serious shine to Adobe Systems’ Creative Suite 3.

Creative professionals are buying the most recent version of Adobe’s flagship product, released in April, much faster than the previous suite, according to retail data compiled by NPD Group.

Unit volume sales of CS3 after six months were up 87 percent when compared with the first six months of sales of Creative Suite 2, which was released in May 2005. A comparison of dollar sales through U.S. retail outlets and e-commerce sites shows almost the same increase.
“This shows that the CS3 launch was an absolute success and Adobe hit one out of the park,” said Chris Swenson, an analyst at NPD Data.

He said that the strategy of linking the different products gained through the merger of Adobe and Macromedia is resonating with customers.

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