Oct 3, 2007

Worth1000 Taking Liberties with the Classics

347712ubdy_w.jpgWorth1000, the perennial Photoshop contest web site has just posted a recent contest titled Counterfeit Art 11–How to tell your fine art is a forgery. The contestants have been taking liberties with the classics…

From the web site come these contest rules: “The rules of this game are thus: You will take any famous painting or artwork (any period is fine) and alter it in such a way that it is obviously a forgery, as in the themepost. As always, quality is a must. We will remove poor entries no matter how much we like you. You’ll have 48 hours to submit for this contest, so make your submission count.”

Hit list: NO celebrities. NO guitars. Use them and get disqualified.

The entry shown here is Goose by MissChief

“Although she couldn’t quite put her finger on it, the museum’s curator became suspicious after viewing the back of the latest acquisition for the ancient, Roman, sculpture galley.”

Image Sources: germany/berlin/museums/altesmuseum/sculpture/rome/statuary/433.jpg and 437.JPG

View the other entries at this URL.

Original story source: boingboing

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