Jun 11, 2007

Dave Polaschek Talks about Printing from Photoshop CS3

Some people were taken by surprise by Photoshop CS3′s new Print dialog. Some weren’t pleased by the new behavior. So, John Nack asked Dave to say a few words on John’s Adobe Blog. Click here to read the entire post.

Dave says: “The change which seems to be causing the most consternation is the change from application-wide page setup to document-specific page setup in Photoshop on Windows. This is the way the Mac version has always behaved, and was the way the Windows version of Photoshop was intended to behave way back in the day, but for one reason or another, that never quite got hooked up.

With CS3, I was brought in to “improve and modernize the printing code,” and part of that effort has been trying to get the Mac and Windows versions more in sync. In the short run, this means trying to rip out code that behaved differently between the two platforms, or add code to make them behave identically because of a shortcoming on one platform or the other. In the long run, it means less code to think about and to write so we can add new features more quickly.

But people are still feeling pain. Well, there are at least two solutions to the problem. The first is using Actions in photoshop. If you start recording a new action, go to File->Page Setup in Photoshop and set up your page and printer and all the printer settings, you can run that action on every new document you create to give it that page setup. Or even easier, if you always want all documents set up the same for your default printer, you can follow the directions in our technote on non-centered documents which tells how to change the page setup system wide.”

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