May 14, 2007

Bought Photoshop, but really want Extended?

John Nack on his Adobe blog posts about “Buyer’s Remorse” (or that sinking feeling you get when you think you’ve bought the wrong version) that some people are feeling after opting not to get the Photoshop CS3 Extended upgrade.

Says John:

In the last few days, a couple of people have remarked that they’ve purchased Photoshop CS3, only to realize later that they really want Photoshop Extended.  There’s no upgrade path that lets you go CS3->CS3 Extended for less than the price of the CS2->Extended upgrade, but you do have another option: Adobe Customer Service can work with you to return your standard license, then purchase an upgrade to Extended instead.

They point out that only customers within the 30-day money back guarantee window can return/swap product; more details on that.

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