May 10, 2007

Canadian photographer Karen Ostrom plays with imagination at Contact Festival

Source: Yahoo Canada
Written by Victoria Ahearn

TORONTO (CP) – A wooden sawhorse, a few photographs and the computer program Photoshop were all Karen Ostrom needed to create “Smoking Gun.”

She turned those basic tools into a herd of horses frantically running from a blaze in an enchanted forest. The full-room installation is currently on display at the city’s Contact photography festival,

“I’m sort of working in a very painterly way on the computer, manipulating and shifting things to get what I want,” Ostrom explained during an interview at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA), a co-curator of the “photographic culture” feature exhibition running in conjunction with the festival.

“The landscape, the trees really do exist but they don’t exactly exist that way, or the landscape is sort of flattened out in certain ways, and that lake is sort of like that but I’ve shifted it to make it work with what my idea of this piece was going to be.”

“Smoking Gun” is one of 10 international works on display at MOCCA during the festival and is a poignant representation of this year’s Contact theme, “the constructed image,” which highlights the influence technology has had on photography.

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