Apr 19, 2007

Adobe CS3Clean Script for Windows posted

The Adobe CS3Clean Script will help resolve installation problems experienced by beta and pre-release users of Adobe Creative Suite software. The script will clean up the beta and pre-release installations and allow installation of the shipping versions of Creative Suite 3.

WARNING: Before running the CS3Clean Script, it is critical that you back up your hard drive including all data, content, software programs, etc. Failure to do so, and failure to follow the instructions below, could result in a loss of the contents of your hard drive.

  1. Back-up all data prior to using the CS3Clean Script. This includes fonts, Version Cue repositories, plugins and any other important files.
  2. Uninstall your beta or pre-release Creative Suite 3 prior to using the CS3Clean Script.
  3. On Windows XP, uninstall via Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.
  4. On Windows Vista, in the Programs section of the Control Panel, select Uninstall a Program.
  5. On Macintosh, the uninstaller is in Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers.
  6. Download the appropriate file from below.
  7. Unpack the download. The download includes the script as well as additional system-specific instructions.
  8. Open and follow the instructions for assistance installing the script.
  9. Once the script has successfully completed, continue with your installation of the shipping version of Creative Suite 3.

It is important you read and carefully follow the instructions included with the download.

Download the Adobe CS3Clean Script for Windows (ZIP, 930 KB)
Download the Adobe CS3Clean Script for Macintosh (DMG, 226 KB)

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