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Mar 31, 2007

Trying to figure out what version of CS3 to get?


Trying to figure out what version of the Creative Suite 3 to get? Check out Geek Cultures‘ take on the subject of Creative Suite 3 versions. Click HERE to see the entire cartoon. (Note: Adobe lovers better have a sense of humor).

While there, you can also participate in the JoyPoll…

What edition of Adobe CS3 are you most likely to acquire?

  • Month’s Salary Edition.
  • Let my boss pay for it Edition.
  • Snag a copy from a buddy Edition.
  • Bittorrent Edition.
  • I’m loaded, no sweat Edition.
  • Non acquisition. I’m using something else to push pixels around!
  • Hey, quite teasing Adobe! It cost a lot of money to buy Macromedia!