Mar 29, 2007

Russell Brown’s CS3 Extented Video Tutorials

The Mad Doctor is at it again-producing Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended video tutorials.

These tutorials all use Photoshop CS3 Extended and are available on Russell’s Tips & Techniques page.

CS3 Extended: Timeline and Frame Animation Basics
Posted 3/27/2007
Learn the basics of the Timeline and frame-based animation features with this simple project.
View QuickTime Tutorial; 7.9 MB

CS3 Extended: Painting and Cloning on Video
Posted 3/27/2007
Discover how to work with the Timeline animation feature to paint, smudge, and clone over time.
View QuickTime Tutorial; 13 MB

CS3 Extended: Creating Time-Lapse Image Sequences
Posted 3/27/2007
Design custom image sequences with two different techniques demonstrated in this tutorial.
View QuickTime Tutorial; 7.8 MB

CS3 Extended: Paint Over Time With the Clone Source Feature
Posted 3/27/2007
Work with the Timeline Animation feature, and Video Layers, to develop creative animations.
View QuickTime Tutorial; 7.4 MB

CS3 Extended: Making Video Color Adjustments
Posted 3/27/2007
Learn to adjust the color of any of your video files with the standard Photoshop tools your ‘re familiar with.
View QuickTime Tutorial; 6.5 MB

CS3 Extended: Creating Slide Shows With Sound
Posted 3/27/2007
Create simple slide shows using the Timeline Animation feature and complete your production with imported sound files.
View QuickTime Tutorial; 10.6 MB

CS3 Extended: Synchronizing Animated Images and Sound ( Part 1 )
Posted 3/27/2007
Combine video and still images into a simple animated sequence. Lean to combine multiple layers and use key frames for simple transitions.
View QuickTime Tutorial; 14 MB
iStock video used in this tutorial:
File Number: 2111668

CS3 Extended: Synchronizing Animated Images and Sound ( Part 2 )
Posted 3/27/2007
Discover how to paint on video frames and create a simple fade-to-black effect.
View QuickTime Tutorial; 15 MB

CS3 Extended: Warping Images and Type Over Time
Posted 3/27/2007
Learn to distort images and text over time using key frames with the Animation Timeline feature, combined with the warping tools in Photoshop.
View QuickTime Tutorial; 17.7 MB

CS3 Extended: Smart Objects and Stack Mode Settings – The Disappearing Cars!
Posted 3/27/2007
Combine multilayered files with incredible new blending techniques. Learn how to use the Median setting to make unwanted objects disappear like magic.
View QuickTime Tutorial; 13 MB
iStock video used in this tutorial:
File Number: 2970952

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