Mar 21, 2007

Adobe Execs talk about Creative Suite 3 And Lightroom

From the Q1, 2007 Earnings Call (click here for transcript) held by Adobe comes these quotes…

From Bruce Chizen, Adobe’s CEO:
“Regarding the Creative Suite, we’ve had about a year-and-a-half to get this right. And I can assure you that we have gotten that right and it’s well planned, well thought out. We will be introducing 13 new applications, 19 different product configurations, seven technologies that cut across all of those applications and two services. It’s clearly the biggest release in the Adobe’s 25-year history of being in business. Next week, we will give you all of the details about which SKUs come when, which applications, which segments, video, web, etc. come over what period of time. So, stay tuned.”

Mark Garrett, Adobe’s new CFO says this about Lightroom:
“Creative Solutions segment revenue was $346.4 million compared to (inaudible) fiscal 2006 and $364.1 million last quarter. We note that revenue for our new Photoshop Lightroom product is being recognized ratably over time as opposed to our normal channel-based desktop software revenue recognition approach enabling us to deliver new functionality throughout its life cycle. Only a small portion of approximately $7 million in Lightroom revenue was recognized in Q1.”

It should be noted that Lightroom was announced Jan 29th and only started shipping Feb 19. Adobe’s Q1, 2007 ended 3/2/2007.

From Shantanu Narayen, Adobe’s COO:
“The reality is for the new CS3 products, most of them will run on both the old Macintoshes, the Power PC-based architecture as well as the Intel-based architecture. People see significant performance gains when they move to the new hardware architecture. But between the current OS that’s shipping and the next OS, it’s unlikely that there will be significant advantages because the next OS is not yet released. So, if Apple makes underlying changes that improves performance, customers will see it. But we don’t have features in CS3 that take advantage of an unannounced and non-shipping Mac OS at this point.”

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