Mar 6, 2007

Watch a Photoshop portrait painted in time-lapse

Ok, this is really pretty cool…
(click above to watch a YouTube hosted seven minute video)

YouTube user “macpulenta” has posted a variety of time-lapse or “speed painting” videos. About the only thing known is the name–Nico Di Mattia and he or she comes from Cordoba, Argentina. The Thom Yorke, Radiohead – Speed Painting video lasts just over seven minutes was said to take about 4 hours to accomplish in Photoshop. That would work out to one screenshot for each 30 seconds (or so) of real time painting over the 4 hours.

Check out some of macpulenta’s other videos as well. The LOST – John Locke – Speed Painting video has been viewed over 1,485,269 times to date.

The Photoshop interface elements come and go so quickly that I can’t tell exactly what version of Photoshop is being used (either CS or CS2 by the looks of it) but it’s relatively recent and appears to be running under Windows.

One user, “snurrerundt” posted a parody of LOST – John Locke – Speed Painting which is kinda funny (using Paint Shop Pro no less).

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  1. Mati Says:

    It’s a guy. Nico is short for Nicolás.

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