Mar 5, 2007

Adobe sees its future on the Web

chizenphoto.jpgSource: CNET
Written by Mike Ricciuti and Martin LaMonica

If you need more evidence of the Web shaking up the packaged software business, talk to Bruce Chizen.

The CEO of Adobe Systems oversees a company that successfully harnessed the power of an earlier technology wave-personal computers-for tasks like digital publishing and photography.

Now Adobe is looking to add Web-delivered services to its product line, says Chizen. The company has already developed an online video editor and, Chizen said, an online version of image editor Photoshop is in the works. Also in the works is Apollo, a new client development strategy due later this year.

As the company develops new products, it intends to combine the multimedia authoring skills it has in Photoshop, Premiere and other applications with the Web design and development savvy of Macromedia, Chizen said. Indeed, as Web-based applications become more functional, Adobe’s acquisition of Macromedia–maker of Flash and Web development tools–looks better every day, especially as Microsoft continues to challenge Adobe with competing products.

In part one of a two-part interview, Chizen tells CNET about Adobe’s online strategy, discloses his plans for Photoshop, and discusses how to live with Microsoft the monopolist. In part two, to be posted later this week, Chizen talks about hidden gems in the Macromedia acquisition and how to beat Google.

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