Dec 15, 2006

UB version of Noise Ninja is released

PictureCode, the developer of Noise Ninja has released a public beta of the Noise Ninja plug-in running natively on Intel Mac computers. It will only work with Photoshop CS3, which is currently available from Adobe as a pre-release.

The major feature of this release is native execution on Intel Mac computers, which yields a significant speedup compared to the emulated execution that was necessary with Photoshop CS2.

If you are using Photoshop CS3 on a PowerPC Mac, then you should use the PowerPC version of Noise Ninja, available here.

This is a beta release, meaning that we believe it is stable and working as intended, but we are waiting for confirmation from users.

You can use your existing Noise Ninja license to unlock the beta release. If you do not enter a license the software will run in trial mode. If you do not already own a license key for Noise Ninja, you can use the following temporary license key to unlock the release candidate:

Product: Noise Ninja 2 Pro Bundle
Expires: December 30, 2006
User name: nnbeta123006
Keycode: f2a000-04fd6e-39ff28-3e01ee-a82562

Please follow the installation instructions below. Let us know whether you are able to install and use the beta release by contacting PictureCode support.

Installation instructions (NOTE: Requires Photoshop CS3 pre-release on Intel Mac)

1. Click here to download a compressed Zip file containing the intallation files.

2. Remove any previous versions or copies of the Noise Ninja plug-in from the Photoshop Plug-Ins folder.

3. Uncompress the downloaded file and drag the resulting folder to the Plug-Ins directory in Photoshop.

4. After the installer is finished, restart Photoshop and open an image. Go to the Filter menu. There should be a submenu labelled “PictureCode”, with an item “Noise Ninja”. Select it to launch the plug-in.

5. When the plug-in is running, you can access help, preferences, and license information through the menu bar at the top of the plug-in window. A PDF version of the help is available in the “doc” folder.

6. If you have purchased a license go to the plug-in’s Noise Ninja menu and select “Install or view license” to unlock the software. You may use the software without a license but it will run in trial mode.

Click here for more detailed instructions with screenshots.

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