Dec 4, 2006

Think Secret thinks it has some secrets

Think Secret, the rumor site that usually leaks Apple info has posted some speculative “rumors” regarding Photoshop CS3. Photoshop CS3, the “next version” of Photoshop, is due in Q2, 2007 as stated by Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen last year. This is the long awaited “Universal Binary” version that will run natively on Apple’s MacIntel machines.

The Think Secret article titled With Photoshop CS3 just months away, new details emerge tries to take the wraps off of what Adobe has been working on. Considering the lengthy development time and the fact that Adobe has been doing press briefings and even sneak peaks at Photoshop CS3, the information in the article is pretty limited.

I couldn’t possibly comment on the disclosures in the article other than to say that “leaks” of proprietary information really does nobody any good. Yes, it’s interesting to find out what the “next version” may hold, but since Bruce Chizen took the unusual position of publicly stating WHEN the next version is due to ship, there’s really not too much “secret” information other than speculation about alleged new features.

Photoshop CS3 will ship, when it’s ready. Traditionally, Photoshop has seen major version upgrades every 18-24 months. Since Photoshop CS2 shipped in May, 2005, Adobe is on track to maintain that schedule.

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