Oct 9, 2006

Project: Photoshop Lightroom Report


Project: Photoshop Lightroom with photographer Colin Finlay and Adobe’s Julieanne Kost recently visited the College of DuPage in suburban Chicago. Over the course of two days, students and faculty heard a lecture by Finlay in which he shared his career as a photographer and Adobe’s Senior Evangelist Julieanne Kost, provided students with in-depth seminars on using Photoshop and Lightroom to support a digital workflow.

The second day also comprised a small group of photo students participating with Finlay in a photo shooting assignment. Students selected images from this assignment to be placed into a portfolio and then uploaded to the Project: Photoshop Lightroom site for sharing with the extended community.

Since it was in my general neck of the woods, I drove out to the college to see what was going on (and shoot some snaps).

The College of DuPage is one of the best junior colleges in the Chicago metropoliton area for photography and design. The Photoshop/Lightroom lectures were held in the Student Resource Center.

The Student Resource Center is an impressive complex that harbors student lounges, computer centers and what used to be called the “Student Union” back when I was in college.

American PHOTO On Campus supplied free copies with a spread on Colin Finlay.

While I was at the college, Colin was running around Chicago with students shooting. Here’s Colin “laying down on the job” shooting under “The Bean” in Chicago’s Millenium Park. Photo above: © 2006 Joel Lamplough

Here’s a shot of the scene reflected in the Bean. Photo above: © 2006 Joel Lamplough

Colin also led the students into a local Chicago neighborhood-Albany Park to capture images radically different than from the highly commercial (and touristy) images of Millennium Park. In fact, that was the assignment-The Two Sides of Chicago. Photo above: © 2006 Jay Kristensen

Back at the school, Julieanne was giving a lecture on both Photoshop and Lightroom. The lectures were free and open to the public (which is how I got to sneak in).

Julieanne in front of the crowd demoing Lightroom.

As might be expected, there were a lot of questions regarding Lightroom, Photoshop and how the two apps will coexist in the Adobe lineup of apps.

Crowd shot, low and wide angle (hey, that’s my style).

Julieanne likes to talk with her hands…

…and apparently the audience caught the practice.

Some of the students (ok and the instructors as well) followed along on their laptops.

Julieanne never fails to mention her excellent video tutorials available at Software Cinema.

Julieanne took time at the end of the lecture to talk with attendees and autograph copies of her book Window Seat The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking.

Julieanne also had time to do a little playing as the crew wrapped up.

Then Julieanne called Colin to find out where he was. Seems Colin (and the location scout) didn’t anticipate Chicago’s heavy traffic coming out to the College of DuPage on a Friday afternoon-hey, it’s about half way to Denver ya know. The crew moved over to the Art Center building where the photo and digital imaging facilities are located.

One of the digital imaging labs – no hamburgers allowed (left). Julieanne preps the student’s computers with a copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

The students arrive…

…followed by Colin (left). How did the students keep up the energy to shoot all day? Candy bars!

Julieanne and Colin go over the process of launching Lightroom and importing thier images.

The students worked with Lightroom while Colin talked about what the assignment involved.

Since I was shooting the students, some of them shot back.

Julieanne does her Vanna White imitation pointing to the screen.

Julieanne pauses to listen to a question.

Julieanne stalked the students while they were working to make sure everybody was up to speed.

Here she helps one of the students with the finer points of Lightroom.

Julieanne had some notes prepared to aid the students process their images and select them for the show.

Colin goes over the image selections with the students.

In the meantime, a call is made for PIZZA…

Students used the Develop module of Lightroom to prep their images for submission.

One of the real advantages of a classroom situation is the ability to work with the students on the project.

Julieanne looks at a student’s work as other students look on.

Colin also worked with the students and explained how he does selection editing.

Once the students collected their favorite “6″ images, Julieanne calls out for “FOCUS” (to get the student’s attention) and explains the process of exporting their images to USB drives for submission.

A sample selection of 6 images.

Then it was off for pizza!

Chicago is known for really good pizza (much better than in New York or California).

We had thin crust and deep dish pizza.

The deep dish pizza always provides a challenge.

While eating we all discussed the project.

Back in the lab, Colin and Julieanne led the class in critiques.

Lightroom makes it easy to see individual images for review…

…and pop over to compare to look at all 6 images. The goal was to have the class edit down to just 3 representative images from each student. Ok, one guy got 4 in because the class couldn’t knock off that 4th image. But the slideshow of the student’s work was impressive. You can also see the previous students’ work from earlier events.

Colin wraps up the event-this one wasn’t so bad, I think everybody got out before 9:00PM.

The students gather their stuff (left) as Julieanne and Colin pose for pictures.

Colin handed out autographed copies of the Project Photoshop Lightroom posters as well as Lightroom T-shirts.

Colin and Julieanne also autographed books for those students who had purchased them.

Then it was down to editing to select the three “representative images” to put up on the web site and upload the final student show.

The students shot all day, edited all night and the show was posted by Saturday morning (about noon San Jose time-that’s where the tech crew was located).

A final check of the facilities…

…and then we left. Some of us went out to Joe’s Crab Shack for a load of crab. Colin and Lou were pretty beat and they hightailed it back to their hotel as they had an early flight out the next morning.

Next up on the scheduale is the Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography starting today. Check the Project: Photoshop Lightroom schedule for upcoming schools.

Editor’s Note: The images in this story are all ©2006 by Jeff Schewe (except where noted). The images were shot with a Canon Digital Rebel and processed through Lightroom to achieve the B&W processed files for the story.

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  1. Greg Barnett Says:

    Definitely looks better than the pizza than we had at RIT…

  2. Christopher C. Says:

    Good to see some of the photos from this event. I am a COD student (the one shooting back) and thought to share a similar report of the two days activities from a students perspective here with the photoshop news folks.

    Thanks for coming out Jeff! It is great to see our photo program getting more attention.

    (the pizza was good)

  3. SeanMcFoto Says:

    Looked like great fun Jeff!

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